Our Services

Our Services


At Love Froyo & Ice Cream, we believe in making every occasion memorable. Our ice cream truck services are tailored to fit the unique vibe and requirements of each event.

School Events

A pink "Love Froyo & Ice Cream on the Go" truck is serving customers at an outdoor location with palm trees and a cloudy sky in the background. The vibrant truck offers soft ice cream and frozen yogurt treats, highlighting its mobile catering service.

Indulge in pure delight with our charming Ice Cream Truck Service, perfect for school events! Delight your taste buds as we roll onto your campus, offering a delectable array of frozen treats that promise to enchant students and staff alike. Our vibrant truck, adorned with colorful decor, brings an air of festivity to any gathering. From classic flavors to inventive twists, our premium ice creams and refreshing sorbets cater to every palate. Elevate the joy of school events with our nostalgic yet modern experience, creating unforgettable moments filled with sweetness and smiles. Book us for an enchanting ice cream adventure that will leave everyone craving more.

Corporate Events

Cooling Off Work Blues

Corporate events are about team-building, networking, and relaxation. Our ice cream truck adds a touch of nostalgia and fun to these gatherings. Whether it’s a product launch, annual day, or just a day to appreciate your employees, our truck is equipped to serve large crowds, ensuring swift service without compromising on quality.

Birthday Events

Childhood Dreams Come True

Remember the joy of hearing the ice cream truck’s jingle in your neighborhood? Relive that joy and gift it to your child with our special birthday packages. We offer a plethora of kid-friendly flavors, colorful toppings, and even themed decorations on the truck to match the party’s theme.

Wedding Events

A Sweet Union

Your wedding day is a celebration of love, and what better way to complement it than with the universal love for ice cream? Our gourmet selections range from classic flavors to exotic delights, ensuring there’s something for every guest. We can even customize flavors to match your wedding theme or colors. From elegant sorbets for summer weddings to rich gelatos for winter nuptials, we’ve got you covered.

Our Services


At Love Froyo & Ice Cream, we believe in making every occasion memorable. Our ice cream truck services are tailored to fit the unique vibe and requirements of each event.


Colorful & Diversity

Beat the heat at festivals with our top-notch ice truck service! We deliver icy refreshment, from chilled beverages to frozen treats, ensuring attendees stay cool while enjoying the festivities.

Happiness & Prosperity

Elevate the fun at fairs with our convenient ice truck service. We bring the chill with a variety of ice-cold delights, keeping fairgoers refreshed and energized throughout the event.


Amplify the enjoyment at concerts and public events with our mobile ice truck service. From cold drinks to frosty novelties, we enhance the experience, providing a cool oasis amidst the excitement.

Short & Long Term Contracts

We are now open for contracts and agreements for governments, schools, beaches, parks, and public places.

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Fresh and delicious every day

Open Everyday

Indulge in the joy of frozen delights with our ice cream truck service, ready to serve you every day for a delectable treat whenever you crave it.

Made with love

Savor the sweetness of ice cream made with unwavering love and meticulous care, turning each bite into a heartwarming delight.

Excellent Review

Experience the enchantment of Love Froyo and Ice Cream, celebrated by delighted clients and eager eaters alike, boasting exceptional reviews that speak to its delectable offerings.

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