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About Us

The best compliment for your events

Love Froyo & Ice Cream brings an irresistible array of frozen delights to catering, hired, fundraising, and private events across Metro Detroit, Southeast Michigan, Tampa Bay, and Central Florida, creating unforgettable dessert experiences that cater to every occasion.

Our Services

Real ice cream for real people

Custom Menu

The option to create a customized menu based on event themes, preferences, and dietary restrictions.

Onsite Catering

The truck provides on-the-spot ice cream service, offering a variety of flavors and toppings to guests.


Trained and friendly staff to serve guests, take orders, and maintain a pleasant atmosphere.

Theme & Branding

Customized truck branding and decorations to match the event’s theme or company branding.

Our Products

Our Frozen Yogurt Food Truck Delivering Awesome Frozen Goodness

Ice Creams


Variant flavor ice creams offer a tantalizing twist on traditional favorites, combining unexpected ingredients to create a delightful symphony of taste sensations.



Diverse yogurt flavors encompass a spectrum of tastes, from fruity bursts of freshness to indulgent swirls of rich decadence.



Unique flavor milkshakes blend imagination and taste, transforming classic treats into captivating and unforgettable sips.


Take a flavor adventure with our Strawberry Sensation

Caramel Cup

Experience the ultimate bliss with our Creamy Caramel Dream

Love Ice Cream Cone or Cup

Experience a burst of deliciousness with our Classic Ice Cream

Rainbow Waffle Bowl

Get ready for a colorful explosion of flavor with our Rainbow Waffle Bowl

Creamy and Decadent Milkshakes

Choice of delicious flavors, including Oreo, caramel, chocolate, banana, and strawberry.

Oreo Cup

Get ready for a delightful indulgence with our Oreo Chocolate Bliss

Rainbow Sprinkle Cone or Cup

Experience a classic treat with a delightful twist - our Rainbow Sprinkle Cone

Sweet Crispy Waffle Cone with Vanilla, Chocolate or a Twist

Elevate your ice cream experience with our Premium Waffle Cone

and more!

How it’s made

A taste of paradise!

The fusion of creamy frozen yogurt and rich ice cream, offering a delightful blend of tangy and sweet flavors in a single, irresistible treat.

Hygienic process

Adherence to strict food safety regulations and practices, ensuring clean and safe handling of food.

Modern Equipment

Well-maintained, visually appealing ice cream truck with proper refrigeration and serving equipment.

Bio Milk & Cream

Biomilk and cream ice cream incorporates wholesome, sustainable ingredients, combining bioengineered milk and rich cream to craft a deliciously innovative frozen treat.

Fresh Fruit Added

Fresh fruit ingredients for ice cream infuse a burst of natural sweetness and vibrant flavors, enhancing the frozen delight with a refreshing and wholesome twist.

Delicious Ice Cream

A symphony of creamy indulgence and delectable flavors, delicious ice cream offers a momentary escape into pure bliss with every luscious spoonful.

why love froyo & ice cream

Fresh and delicious every day

Open Everyday

Indulge in the joy of frozen delights with our ice cream truck service, ready to serve you every day for a delectable treat whenever you crave it.

Made with love

Savor the sweetness of ice cream made with unwavering love and meticulous care, turning each bite into a heartwarming delight.

Excellent Review

Experience the enchantment of Love Froyo and Ice Cream, celebrated by delighted clients and eager eaters alike, boasting exceptional reviews that speak to its delectable offerings.


Our Seamless Setup and Process For Your Event:

STEP 1: YOUR Event Booked

Simply book us for your event with our easy to use website form! We confirm the event, price, and time with you.

STEP 2: Easy Setup No Wait

We show up and setup in less then 10 minutes ready to serve your customers or employees! We come ready to serve at 150 people per hour!

STEP 3: Cleanup Is a Breeze!

Once your event is over, we simply have a no mess cleanup that is quick and more efficient than other food trucks! We can be cleaned up and driving off in 10 minutes!

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Hear It From Our Happy Customers

Our journey has been filled with delightful moments, thanks to our wonderful customers. Here’s what some of them have to say

Alexendra Corporate Event Organizer

The Love Froyo & Ice Cream truck was a delightful addition to our corporate event. The team was professional, punctual, and the variety was mind-blowing. The salted caramel flavor was a hit!

Michael Proud Dad

Booking the Love Froyo & Ice Cream truck for my daughter's birthday was the best decision. The kids were thrilled, and the adults took a trip down memory lane. The berry swirl flavor was the star!

Jennifer Johnson Customer

Hiring Love Froyo & Ice Cream Truck was a fantastic decision for our fundraiser. The incredible selection of frozen delights drew a crowd, and the team's professionalism and efficiency were evident in their service. The truck added a fun and interactive element that contributed to our successful event.